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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kantai Collection Episode 1 Impressions

The first episode of Kantai Collection is out. Is the show good? bad? did it deliver what I expected of it?

I am not really a Kantai Collection fan as I haven't played the game nor have I read up much about the anime and game. The only info I know about Kancolle is that the girls are anthropomorphized ships or at least they are meant to represent actual Japanese ships from WW2 era.

With this information in hand, it is quite easy for me to accept the whole premise and go with it in this first episode. I was expecting something rather silly and I got it. Of course being silly does not mean that it is a bad anime. I have learned this ever since I saw Girls und Panzer. As a matter of fact, the silliness of the premise is what made me interested in the first place.

The show has a lot of characters and the game have even more characters than those who are shown in the show. Each and every one of them have their different personalities although of course the usual anime character tropes will be used. Just like in Girls und Panzer, I really don't mind as long as it delivers on what I expected of it.

What do I expect from this series? naval combat. Does it deliver? oh yes, yes it did. I loved every battle scenes depicted in this first episode and I really like the "transformation"/"gearing up" scenes, especially the carrier ship girls gear up scene. The CGI, while noticeable did its job quite well and delivered a very exciting scene that made me giddy like a kid watching his favorite superhero show.

Also deserving mention is the music. The music is really effective in setting up the mood of each scene. The music made everything much more epic and made the scenes really really exciting to watch.

This first episode of Kancolle really did not disappoint me at all. I got what I expected and while I might not be a fan of Kancolle before, I am now. Hopefully the show can keep showing us awesome battles because if this goes on, this show might deserve a spot beside Girls und Panzer as one of my favorite anime show.

What do you guys think of Kantai Collection's first episode?

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