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Monday, May 18, 2015

[Steam Greenlight] Mayjasmine Episode 1 What is God?

The May 1998 Riots of Indonesia might not be known by a lot of people outside of Indonesia but it is one disastrous event that happened in my lifetime. Mayjasmine, a Visual Novel made in Taiwan has picked up the story of said event and is currently in Steam Greenlight.

I will not write about the events of May 1998 Riots in this blog but if you want to know more you can search around the internet for a lot of info on this event. Simply put, I lived through the horrific event. I was one of the few who are lucky enough to be living in areas that are safe from the riots(even then we still live in fear every day until the riot was over). Thousands of others however, weren't as lucky.

Used as a setting in a Visual Novel isn't really something I imagined I would ever see but here we are, with Mayjasmine on Steam Greenlight. While the setting itself in my opinion is worthy of a story adaptation, if only to teach people about what happened back then I do hope that the story depicted in this VN ends up giving the correct idea on how to avoid such a horrible event ever happening in the future instead of...fueling people's hatred of one another.

I have never played the Visual Novel but I do hope that they handle the story tastefully and that the moral of it should always be about acceptance, peace and harmony between different races and culture. And hopefully this Visual Novel can also remind everyone, especially gamers in Indonesia of what happened back there. May we never forget.

Based on the setting alone I would recommend people to vote for this game on Greenlight and with it we can spread more awareness about this horrible event that happened almost two decades ago. I do need to remind those who don't like a more "darker" story to skip this one as it will most likely end badly for some of the characters if the story follows exactly what happens in 1998.

You can check out the Greenlight page for Mayjasmine HERE.

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