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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Short Impressions [Spoiler]

Well, I did it again, no post for weeks. But you know what, I'll rectify that with a post about the newest Star Wars movie. Suffice to say that this post will contain spoilers so if you haven't seen the movie, go see it first.

After years of waiting, Star Wars fans now got a sequel to their favorite movie series. Unless you've been living under a rock you can see that a lot of people are hyped all over the internet. But was the movie really delivers what people expected?

I'd say the answer is yes, the movie is entertaining and is really fun to watch. But if I have to give it a score, I would only give it a 7.5. Not because it was bad or anything, it's good(hence the 7.5, if it's bad it'd be under 5)  but it has some glaring weaknesses.

The first big thing for me is that Episode VII is just Episode IV but with new characters. It's not necessarily a bad thing since if a formula works, might as well use it again right? but deep down I feel like I'm just watching a remake of Episode IV and I might as well just watch Episode IV.

Another problem I have is the main villain and one of the protagonist. The main villain feels too weak and can't even compare to how Darth Vader is portrayed in Episode IV. Where we got Darth Vader who is menacing and mysterious in Episode IV, here we got what essentially is a rebellious teenager with too much delusional thoughts. Kylo Ren seems more like a whiny child than a proper menacing villain.

There's also Rey, the female protagonist in The Force Awakens. I like her, she's pretty cool but some of her abilities seems a little bit too ridiculous. She has never seen a Jedi before, she thinks that Luke is a myth. So who taught her to use Force Persuade? she's also able to use a lot of Force techniques so easily without even any proper training. Heck, even Luke had a lot of training before he can properly use the Force. Although, that being said, Episode 8 will probably show us why she is so powerful(at least I hope so).

My last gripe? waste of characters. Before I saw the movie I went to Uniqlo and see some Star Wars themed T-shirts. One of them show a pretty cool looking Stormtrooper called Captain Phasma, who was played by Gwendoline Christie who was Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. And was her character awesome in the movie? heck no, she was just some dumbass Stormtrooper captain who got captured and forced to help out the heroes. If the character was just going to be lame, just cast some no name actor and don't bother give the character a name and market her as if she was going to be important. What a letdown.

Regardless of all of that, I actually enjoyed the movie(even though the whole block of text up there made me seem that I hate the movie). I really do enjoyed it, but I was also a bit disappointed as it could be even better than that. Would I still watch Episode VIII? of course I will. Will I be as hyped as I was about Episode VII? no, not really.

Note: oh, I forgot one more thing, the lightsaber fight was a bit weak compared to the prequels. I would like to see a more epic lightsaber duel but I also understand that Ren was wounded at that time and Rey hasn't even fought with a lightsaber before.

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