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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 Upcoming MOBAs to Keep Watch On

MOBAs or DOTA Clones or whatever you want to call them are really popular right now with League of Legends and DotA 2 in the forefront with some other title such as SMITE, Heroes of Newerth and Awesomenauts also having quite a lot of players. Naturally, developers will jump into the bandwagon and start producing various MOBAs of their own.

Out of all the upcoming MOBAs I pick 5 titles I personally find to be the most promising and also the ones that provides a different twist to the whole MOBA genre. Note that the games I have picked are all either in closed or open beta phase and of course this list is purely subjective. Here are the games in no particular order:

Dead Island Epidemic
From the guys who made the Dead Island games comes what they call a ZOMBA(Zombie Online Battle Arena). Players controls a survivor and work in groups to clear the map objective that differs between game modes. The game offers both PvP and also PvE in the form of a Horde Mode. While there are no items to be bought in-game, players have equipments that stays between matches and can be crafted using parts they got during PvP or PvE matches. Dead Island Epidemic definitely adds a new twist into the MOBA formula and a game that you must try out if you yearn for a different kind of MOBA experience.

Seemingly not wanting to be left behind EA published their own MOBA, Dawngate. While the haters would probably dismiss Dawngate just because it’s from EA, the game is actually a very competent MOBA featuring a lot of unique feature that improves the overall gamelay experience. The role system allows the player to pick any hero he wants and still fit a proper role within the team he’s on. This system makes it easier to have each player fill a role within a team without forcing them to pick a hero they are not used to.

For those who want a more newbie-friendly experience, Strife might be a good place to start. It is basically a MOBA designed to be easy to pick up and easy to learn. S2 Games added a lot of user friendly features and makes the usual MOBA experience much more simple to the players. They even went so far as to remove the need to place wards and just like LoL, players do not need to deny. While Strife might not be too appealing for those who wanted more complex gameplay it is a viable option for more casual players and that is exactly what Strife is aimed at.

Infinite Crisis
Gameplay-wise, Infinite Crisis doesn’t really offer a huge deviation from the standard MOBA formula. It is almost the same as LoL in many ways, but of course it does offer some unique features of its own. What’s interesting with Infinite Crisis is the setting and characters where you can play as DC Comic superheroes and supervillains from various different worlds like Gaslight, Atomic, Arcane and many more.

Heroes of the Storm
This one should already be known to almost every gamer out there. Blizzard’s own MOBA which features loads of characters from Blizzard’s games. Not only is it filled with various interesting characters, Blizzard also successfully took the traditional MOBA gameplay, streamlined it and created a new experience altogether. What we can expect is a more fast-paced MOBA without the need to think about item builds and just focus on the team fights even from the start of the match.

These five games are the ones I am currently keeping watch on. Do you have any other titles that have huge potential when it’s released? Or will you just stick to the ol’ trusty Dota2 or League of Legends? Drop some comments and share your opinions.

Note: This article is an old article I wrote for another site that is now closed. The content might not be relevant anymore right now.

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