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Monday, November 3, 2014

Marvel Heroes 2015 Review

The Online Action RPG Marvel Heroes by Gazillion Entertainment has been released for one year now and it hadn’t gotten particularly great reviews when it came out. A year passed and Gazillion improved and added a lot of things to the game, but does those changes really make a difference?

I tried Marvel Heroes a year ago when it was first released and felt that while it was lacking, it was a promising games that if given some time for the devs to improve could be much better. Here we are a year later and I decided to play it again after the devs rebrand the game as Marvel Heroes 2015.

The gameplay is mostly the same, it’s an Action RPG with an MMO twist where you can meet various players out in the world. Every character have their own different sets of skills, divided into three skill trees. While I think there could’ve been more skills for each characters, the ones we have now are already enough to give players a chance to create their own builds for each superhero.

The number of available characters have also increased significantly, totaling around 30+ heroes available. While the problem of seeing the same character in the field is still present, it is mostly a non-issue with more variety of heroes present because you will rarely find the same hero being used unless it’s a newly released hero.

Various new features have found their way into the game and really adds a lot of things to do in the game. Stuff like Team-Up, Prestige, Synergy, Legendary Items and the recently introduced Raid and Omega System really adds a lot to the game and makes it really different from what it was a year ago.
Various more features are planned to be added to the game in the near future and this includes login rewards, achievements, secure trading and so much more. The number of heroes scheduled to be released is also something that will add a lot of content to the game for years to come.

Graphics-wise, Marvel Heroes have some good looking effects but overall it’s just average. But with Action RPGs with isometric views graphical fidelity isn’t really important anyways. Character models looks pretty good although some older character models sorely needs a rework when compared to the new ones.

Marvel Heroes 2015 definitely had a rough start when it was released but because of its dedicated fanbase and Gazillion’s hard work to keep improving their game it is now a game that you should probably check out. If you are a fan of Action RPGs, Marvel Superheroes or both, do give Marvel Heroes 2015 a try.

Note: This article is an old article I wrote for another site that is now closed. The content might not be relevant anymore right now.

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